Kebe Kebe dance, Mai Pili, Republic of Congo

Didier Van der Veecken at Mai Pili, Rep. of Congo. October 2004
Kebe Kebe dance in a Bateke village

Statues & Fetish
  Welcome to African Kuna Art.

We are proud to present you our collection of fine and authentic African tribal art. The pieces presented in this site are part of our family collection. Pierre Van der Veecken, my father, first arrived in Congo in the early 50’s where he opened his pharmacy. Now retired in his early 80’s, he still leaves in Congo a part of the year.

These masks, statues and artifacts were collected locally in Congo from the late 50’s to this day. Some pieces were found during safaris or while traveling in the bush, others were brought to the pharmacy by local people.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our website. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question.

Didier Van der Veecken

Mask Tshokwe

The collection features masks that have been "danced", figures, fetish, and artifacts used by the following tribes:

The Democratic Repbublic of Congo (formerly Zaire) : Tshokwe (Tchokwe, Chokwe), Songye (Songe), Ngbaka, Teke, Lega, Mbole, Mangbetu, Kuba, Luba, Lwalwa, Lulua, Pende, Bembe, Holo, Suku, Salampasu, Yombe.

The Republic of Congo: Kongo, Kuyu, Vili, Teke, Punu, Mboshi, Kwele, Kota.

Gabon : Fang, Kota.

Angola : Tshokwe (Tchokwe, Chokwe).

    Statue Lulua  
Mask Punu

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